Through the forest, and over the rocks, the waterfall is where we go. It’s a hot Friday and I just got home from school. I am on my couch listening to my phone constantly ding from the text messages from my friends. They are talking about going to the waterfall. Perfect I think, a hike to the cold, relaxing waterfall. So my friends and I group together and head to the waterfall.

We hike toward the falls. I am sweating already. The long hike is killing my legs. My feet are pounding from the rocks, but we are almost to the falls. Then I hear a slight noise. It grew louder the closer I moved. We where almost there! I sprinted the last bit in till we reached the falls.

I jumped into the cold water. I felt cooled and relaxed. There Is no better felling then cold water on your skin on a hot day. Then after our time at the falls it was time to go. I was devastated. I had to say goodbye to the falls.

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