Favorite mistake essay.

“Let’s go to that house” my friends said it’s fine” they said. but things where not about to turn out well. That was the last time I went ding-dong ditching
The moon shined on the long empty street. Nothing but footsteps could be heard. The silence was Broken by the squeaking of tennis-shoes, walking up the stairs to the tall brown door. “Ready?” My friend whispered. The moment that his hand touched the door I panicked and ran. Only to notice that no one answered. We all regrouped and walked back to find another house to hit. As we walked back the silence was Broken by a thump and another, constantly growing louder. We turned around to see a man running toward us at the speed of light. We all split up and ran, but not all of us got away.only my friend and I escaped. We hid in a corner covered in darkness.
We laid down in the corner watching for him hoping he wouldn’t show up. The moment I saw something move I wanted to jump up and run. Finally we decided to move on, so we quietly moved to our friends house. We stayed perfectly hidden in the front porch. Then finally they came cheeks flushed red and heads down with embarrassment. Every thing got bad from then.I had to go home and my dad was not going to like it. When I got home my dad was mad, but everything turned out fine.
After this experience I learned that some thing may be flub but are not worth it.