7th grade reflection

When I first arrived in August, I expected to see everything to go perfect. Everything was going to be given to me without trouble. But I soon realized that I would have to work harder to get farther in school. By October my life was full and complicated. Eventually I figured out that I should study more for my classes because it helps a lot, more then you think.

In seventh grade I learned that nothing is given, everything is earned,and hard work pays off. As the year comes to a close my head was in a spindle ready to be done with the school year. If I had it to do over again I would study more. My advice to next’s years seventh graders is to do all your home work and turn it in on time.


Through the forest, and over the rocks, the waterfall is where we go. It’s a hot Friday and I just got home from school. I am on my couch listening to my phone constantly ding from the text messages from my friends. They are talking about going to the waterfall. Perfect I think, a hike to the cold, relaxing waterfall. So my friends and I group together and head to the waterfall.

We hike toward the falls. I am sweating already. The long hike is killing my legs. My feet are pounding from the rocks, but we are almost to the falls. Then I hear a slight noise. It grew louder the closer I moved. We where almost there! I sprinted the last bit in till we reached the falls.

I jumped into the cold water. I felt cooled and relaxed. There Is no better felling then cold water on your skin on a hot day. Then after our time at the falls it was time to go. I was devastated. I had to say goodbye to the falls.

Favorite poem

Life’s own battle By:Emma Jackson

Didn’t want to battle
Yet you declared war each knock you gave me made me
Stronger then before
I will not give up
I will not give in
You won’t make me fall
I won’t let you win

I really like the mood in the poem. It is very encouraging. I like the seriousness to it. It give the mood a bigger felling.

Media and memory

When I was young there was only one thing I could not do with out it. My stuffed animal dog. It was my favorite and by far the most important toy of all my toys. It was so soft- extremely soft. When I had it there was noting that could stop me from playing with him. His delicate fur and his bright blue eyes made you Cary him every where you go. That’s why he was my favorite. With out it, I wouldn’t have any toy to like as much as I did my stuffed animal dog.


Favorite mistake essay.

“Let’s go to that house” my friends said it’s fine” they said. but things where not about to turn out well. That was the last time I went ding-dong ditching
The moon shined on the long empty street. Nothing but footsteps could be heard. The silence was Broken by the squeaking of tennis-shoes, walking up the stairs to the tall brown door. “Ready?” My friend whispered. The moment that his hand touched the door I panicked and ran. Only to notice that no one answered. We all regrouped and walked back to find another house to hit. As we walked back the silence was Broken by a thump and another, constantly growing louder. We turned around to see a man running toward us at the speed of light. We all split up and ran, but not all of us got away.only my friend and I escaped. We hid in a corner covered in darkness.
We laid down in the corner watching for him hoping he wouldn’t show up. The moment I saw something move I wanted to jump up and run. Finally we decided to move on, so we quietly moved to our friends house. We stayed perfectly hidden in the front porch. Then finally they came cheeks flushed red and heads down with embarrassment. Every thing got bad from then.I had to go home and my dad was not going to like it. When I got home my dad was mad, but everything turned out fine.
After this experience I learned that some thing may be flub but are not worth it.


The basketball season is over for WRMS basketball. I really miss it. Even getting up in the morning to get ready for basketball. My favorite thing to we did during the basketball practices was, when we played the 30 second games and the team with the ball is down one point. At the end of the season A team came in 5th place with a record of 2-7. The B team finished in 3rd place with a record of 6-3.

Expository writing

The clock ticked down and the player dribbled down the cort. He goes for the shot. Basketball is enjoyable.

High scoring games are fast paced. Keeping you glued to the screen. Like for example in the championship game the players play fast and we’ll making it more exciting. “Yes, No” we constantly cheer at the fast pace game. To people that like fast pace high scoring games basketball is thrilling

Another reason is when the clock is winding down and you make a step back fadeaway 3 pointer for the win makes you feel like a champion for leading the team to a win. It feels great when the fans cheer for you when the shot goes in and seeing the faces shocked of the opposing fans. Game winning shot make basketball suspenseful wanting to watch every last second.

For people that like seeing the ball arch in the air and swish in the basket. That also like fast pace high scoring like me. That helps you want to fight to win. Basketball is exciting.

Day off

“Ahh” another day of school, the dreadful thought fills my mind. I layed in my bed and looked out the window. Only to see the white flakes surrounding everything in my sight. I was surprised-surprised out of my pajamas. To see the snow fill the ground. I immediately slipped out of bed and grabbed my soft-extremely soft blanket and ran down stairs.

I plopped down on my couch. Hearing the constant ring of my phone. As I put my fingers against the cold screen of my phone. I saw that I had text. Asking if me and my friend wanted to play football. I immediately replied yes. We where leveling soon so I had to get ready. As I left my blanket the coldness invaded my body. I got ready as quickly as possible and ran outside and left to play football

The cold weather

As I walked outside the cold stung my skin. It was cold- super cold! I wanted to get home immediately and curl up in my bed where it is warm. Where steaming hotness could take the cold away from my body. Where I could relax away from the cold. But the only problem was, I was outside far from my bed. Outside in the cold. Where only I could warm myself in the dreadful weather.