7th grade reflection

When I first arrived in August, I expected to see everything to go perfect. Everything was going to be given to me without trouble. But I soon realized that I would have to work harder to get farther in school. By October my life was full and complicated. Eventually I figured out that I should study more for my classes because it helps a lot, more then you think.

In seventh grade I learned that nothing is given, everything is earned,and hard work pays off. As the year comes to a close my head was in a spindle ready to be done with the school year. If I had it to do over again I would study more. My advice to next’s years seventh graders is to do all your home work and turn it in on time.


Through the forest, and over the rocks, the waterfall is where we go. It’s a hot Friday and I just got home from school. I am on my couch listening to my phone constantly ding from the text messages from my friends. They are talking about going to the waterfall. Perfect I think, a hike to the cold, relaxing waterfall. So my friends and I group together and head to the waterfall.

We hike toward the falls. I am sweating already. The long hike is killing my legs. My feet are pounding from the rocks, but we are almost to the falls. Then I hear a slight noise. It grew louder the closer I moved. We where almost there! I sprinted the last bit in till we reached the falls.

I jumped into the cold water. I felt cooled and relaxed. There Is no better felling then cold water on your skin on a hot day. Then after our time at the falls it was time to go. I was devastated. I had to say goodbye to the falls.