Favorite poem

Life’s own battle By:Emma Jackson

Didn’t want to battle
Yet you declared war each knock you gave me made me
Stronger then before
I will not give up
I will not give in
You won’t make me fall
I won’t let you win

I really like the mood in the poem. It is very encouraging. I like the seriousness to it. It give the mood a bigger felling.

Media and memory

When I was young there was only one thing I could not do with out it. My stuffed animal dog. It was my favorite and by far the most important toy of all my toys. It was so soft- extremely soft. When I had it there was noting that could stop me from playing with him. His delicate fur and his bright blue eyes made you Cary him every where you go. That’s why he was my favorite. With out it, I wouldn’t have any toy to like as much as I did my stuffed animal dog.