Expository writing

The clock ticked down and the player dribbled down the cort. He goes for the shot. Basketball is enjoyable.

High scoring games are fast paced. Keeping you glued to the screen. Like for example in the championship game the players play fast and we’ll making it more exciting. “Yes, No” we constantly cheer at the fast pace game. To people that like fast pace high scoring games basketball is thrilling

Another reason is when the clock is winding down and you make a step back fadeaway 3 pointer for the win makes you feel like a champion for leading the team to a win. It feels great when the fans cheer for you when the shot goes in and seeing the faces shocked of the opposing fans. Game winning shot make basketball suspenseful wanting to watch every last second.

For people that like seeing the ball arch in the air and swish in the basket. That also like fast pace high scoring like me. That helps you want to fight to win. Basketball is exciting.

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  1. When that happens to me in bball games as well I get tensed up and for some reason I get bad thoughts in my head. Like loosing and stuff like that. Crazy Stuff!

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